Pension chien

"Le Bois du Roy" is a boarding kennel which has been existing for more than 20 years !

You can have a view of our kennel facilities consulting our website, and discover the two kinds of accomodation provided : standard rooms and cosy suites with private yards.

Two leadless outings are provided in the morning and in the evening, whatever the accomodation chosen (included in the daily tariff) in a grassy park securely fenced. An optional third one is available in the afternoon.
Heating and cooling : in standard rooms, infrared heating can be connected by request, either just for the night or day and night with an extra. Heating and cooling are included for the suites which are equipped with geothermal system. This system regulates the temperature, providing a reversible soft heat through the floor.
Eating "à la carte" a vast range of food is provided ; but you can bring his/her food if it is special, in order not to disturb his/her food habits. We have at our disposal natural food for dogs which do not accept dry food. You have to tell us the frequency of his/her meals : in the morning or in the evening, or twice a day.
Bedding : beds, baskets and cosy vetbeds are provided.
Care : we can give him/her with extra charge, his/her special medication if clearly prescribed.
: Virgine Le Glaunec, graduate of the "Canine Massage Awareness", Florida (USA) can give your dog massages on request (by appointment only)... an invitation to relaxation and wellbeing...
: if you cannot drive your dog, a chauffeur can pick him up and/or drive him back : contact Aniwal.
Grooming : on the day of his departure, offer him a bath, with or without a cutting; his ears would be cleaned and nails cut. It is optional but recommended. And for dogs being groomed on that day, the day is free of charge whatever the hour of the departure.
Warmly recommended vaccines : Canine distemper - Canine infectious hepatitis - Parvo - Leptospirosis - Rabies - Kennel cough - and worms, fleas and ticks recent treatment as well.
Identification : by microchip or tattoo.
Sanity and safety : a vet can come when necessary.

If it is the first time you leave your dog with us, and that you feel anxious, do consult our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Before leaving your dog, you should come and visit us.
Visits take place on Mondays to Saturdays, by appointment, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. Of course, in that case, visiting a room is only possible if unoccupied, that is to say out of scholar holidays and long week-ends, since, on these periods, they are fully occupied ; and our priority is not to disturb our guests.

Our strong point : we have more than 20 years' experience.
Our premises are shady, safe, comfortable... and our suites are so gorgeous that we are sorry to say "no" to owners who want to spend their holidays with their dogs at the "Bois du Roy".

Now you can get away and relax, knowing your pet is receiving the care, love and attention he would receive in his own home.


"a boarding kennel just like home "
Le Bois du Roy
Manager : Mme Christine Bisconte de Saint-Julien
( 45 km south-east of Paris, between Melun and Meaux)
route de Coulommiers
77390 Chaumes-en-Brie
Gps: 48°40' 45.70" N 2°52' 02.70" E

Our office is open every day, except on Sundays and bank holidays from
9:00 to 12:00 am and from 2:00 to 6:00 pm, or by appointment.